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Beige Haori Kimono | Her

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Nomad Haori Style Kimono Shirt.

Great as a cover up, light and soft, this open kimono will be a great addition to any wardrobe!

It is a gift to live in a woman's body.

It is a vessel with its own intelligence that is guiding this life experience.

Body knows, often in advance, of what life is about to unfold. Body feels life to the depth of its core. It communicates more than any tongue language is able to express. It carries and gives birth to all life and to the life of a new living being. The body feels, alchemizes and emits love of the Mother Earth.

The source of material was limited, and only few pieces were made from this fabric.

Handmade with so much love and care...

It has two big deep pockets and the strings up front.

Material: Upcycled cotton/polyester blend. It was bought in fashion district of LA, and the kimono was made in one of our studios in Los Angeles.

Size: One size, fits S,M,L.

Overall Length: 36 in.
Overall Width: 44 in.

Model is 5'9 ft (178 cm)

We hand-make all garments with love and care and we want them to bring you joy as long as possible! We highly recommend hand-washing and drying flat.

*glorka is cruelty-free & sweat-shop free, ethical production.