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Love in Conscious Living: Gift Ideas for Valentine's 2021

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.- Rumi The month of love is here with us. There is a delicate way of seeing life through the openness of our hearts. It opens your wings. May this month be a opportunity to be love; embrace it, give it and receive it. Open up, receive the love - don’t you know what you are worthy of.   We put together a collection of gift ideas for you to share with your loved ones this Valentine's Day. They are not only unique but also holistic and conscious. 1.Visionary + SunDancer : A Glorka and Parashakti collaboration The visionary  pendant is crafted from a sterling silver with an approximately 4” stone. Sterling silver chain...

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We Hope You Dance!

We LOVE tuning in to the language of our soul and body. We TRUST ourselves and DANCE to the inner songs. We CREATE a sacred space together. We ACCESS the deepest wisdom... Want to join us?.. We want to share with you this amazing FREE webinar hosted by our dearest friend Parashakti Sigalit Join Parashakti Sigalit To Discover The Language Of Your Soul And Access The Wisdom Of Your Body, Mind & Spirit To Embody A Magnificent New Beginning In Your Life Right Now You can reserve your spot here & enjoy Parashakti rocking our amazing Lace Pants and guiding you through the movement to access the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit!

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