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Angels Within | Ceremonial Dress + Shawl

Angels Within | Ceremonial Dress + Shawl

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This beautiful white flowing piece with Angelic feel transforms into a dress with a shawl. What an incredible combination!

The double-layered style allows you to wear it as a simple beautifully flowing dress, or pull the arms through the top layer and add a "shawl" option. Amazing, isn't it!!

We are beyond thrilled to add this piece to glorka Ceremonial collection. Please welcome this new Angelic addition to our Ceremony White Attire.

This gorgeous and elegant dress is inspired by a vintage Moroccan dress and it’s handmade from a  high quality cotton jersey blend in one of our studios in New York. 

The very first time we got introduced to the concept of double-layered dress at a special secret Goddess Playground Bazaar on one of the Caribbean Island! Sounds fascinating, right?!..

We found an original vintage Moroccan dress and fell in love with it right away! We took it as a base and inspiration and re-created it using ivory white cotton blend. 

Even though the original design is not created by us, we do want to give credit to the craftsmanship and innovation of Moroccan artisans. We don't have the information about the initial source of this double-layered dress, but we want to acknowledge the original creator and honor this incredible concept. 

This dress is handmade in New York, in one of our studios.

Materials: ivory 90% cotton/10% lycra blend. 

Size: One size. 

Length is 48 inches and it fits US Women sizes 2-8

(Models on the photos are 5'7 tall)

We hand-make all the garments with love and care and we want them to bring you joy as long as possible! Please hand-wash this item. It's light and easy to hand-wash and to hang to dry.


glorka is a cruelty-free & sweat-shop free ethical production.


White is the color that contains all colors. Pure reflection for the outside world. So you can go fully within.

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