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Crystal Morning | Beach Cover

Crystal Morning | Beach Cover

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Introducing Crystal Morning | Beach Cover - the perfect addition to your beach attire! Made from soft, flowing fabric, this easy-to-wear cover offers a comfortable robe style that will keep you feeling relaxed and stylish while soaking up the sun. Say hello to effortless beach fashion escaping cold winter. 

This elegant piece is one of the king and it is handcrafted with 100% rayon for a soft and flowy fit.

If you are not a beach person - wear it for your next Ceremony, retreat or a sound bath. It has been created with love frequency and pure intentions as a part of our women empowerment project on the island of Boricua.

Zhenya, the founder of glorka, and Sonia, one of the elder local ladies (with a great sense of style!) stitched this piece together at the Women's center in San Juan.

It is a wonderful gown for intentional gatherings and / or circles.

Material: 100% rayon.

Size: One size

Overall Length: 48 in.

Overall Width: 44 in.


Handwash with cold water/ separately and hang to dry. (We want these garments to last long and bring you joy in years to come).

*glorka is cruelty-free & sweat-shop free, ethical production.


We have a few showrooms and storefront locations where you can come in and try on the pieces in person or exchange any of the pieces.
We are happy to meet you and show you our pieces in person, so if you are ever near:
💫 Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (this is our main showroom with the fullest inventory and from where we ship most of our pieces)
💫 San Juan, Puerto Rico (our second showroom where we have more of the tropical, resort pieces)
💫 Fallbrook, California (2 hours South from LA, a small boutique at Makhosi Temple of Spiritual Traditions)
💫 Playa Venao, Panama (a storefront at El Sitio Hotel)

Please contact us if you want to stop by, say hello and make an appointment!

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