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Glorka Washable Cotton Face Mask
Amala | Face Mask
Amala | Face Mask
Amala | Face Mask
Amala | Face Mask
Amala | Face Mask

Amala | Face Mask

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100% cotton washable face mask.

It is handmade from the soft and breathable 100% cotton.

Reusable double-sided cotton will give you a nice protective layer against the dust or air pollution. You can also always use it as an extra layer on top of the other (the good and proper!) mask or as a protection from the cold air during winter times... 

Life is always blessing us with beautiful miracles and abundance, it’s just a matter of us being able to open ourselves up to receive those blessings.
May this mantra and prayer be a reminder of how worthy you are of living a life that brings you joy, prosperity, fulfillment, and connection. From our hearts to yours!

“Open up, receive the love - don’t you know what you are worthy of”

Perfect for the dusty areas, the desert or as a part of a cool creative outfit.

Material: Printed 100% cotton. You can wear it on either side. 

The size is the standard adult size. Strings are adjustable.

Mask can be washed by hands and hang to dry.

Masks are pre-washed, and we recommend to wash them once again once you receive them.