What Do We Know About Relationships?

  A little bit off topic about pants and clothing..  Today we actually want to talk about relationships... Love, friendship, business partnerships, and every relationship we can possibly have with one another.  We all are different and all have our own ideas about how two people should behave in a relationship.  Have you ever wondered how the other person feels? How does he or she experience YOU in a relationship? Why did you get attracted to each other in the first place? Is there some cosmic lesson to learn? Is there a higher purpose for you two to come together in this lifetime?  All of these questions can be answered! Our dear friend of glorka and the best spiritual advisor ever...

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            It's been so much fun to be working with Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms on creating a LIMITED EDITION of a new wave of #5Rhythms harem-style pants. Together we've designed these 5 new prints to move your home rhythm (or inspire you to call in the rhythm you struggle with most) on the dance floor and into the streets. We are calling in all our friends out there loving and moving with 5Rhythms! What is your rhythm?.. F L O W I N GS T A C C A T OC H A O S L Y R I C A LS T I L L N E S S  If you haven't visited 5rhythms yet - please do so -...

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Desert Tales

          Desert Tales - is our chic luxurious and mysterious collection, which was created in the collaboration with Lunara Love of Lunaradesign. This Collection is infused with the desert colors, hot air, and dark chilly nights... It offers a unique look created from the nomad style harem pants and the desert beduin scarves and tunics. This collection is unisex and is truly unique. For everyone who is embracing the free spirit of the desert and loves contemporary nomad lifestyle...  Contact us to learn more about this collaboration and Lunara's designs!    Photo credits: Lynn Millspaugh, Zhenya Glorka, Lunara Love

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