Collection: Boruca Tribe Project, Costa Rica

 In the beginning of 2022 we have visited indigenous Boruca village in South Costa Rica and met with the local families where women are still hand-weaving the textiles themselves on the traditional wooden loom. They grow the cotton, make the threads out of it, hand-dye each thread with the medicinal plants collected around the village and then weave the textiles. This tradition is very old and the process is very slow, and right now this tradition is dying because only a few women are left in the village who know how to do it.
When we visited this small village Baruca, we learned the process of hand-dyeing and loom-weaving the threads.
Boruca cotton hand dye
We supported the tribe and purchased their special textiles to incorporate into glorka designs and create a unique capsule collection "Queen Arenal" - a collection of ponchos, robes and dresses we hand-stitched by the volcano Arenal in Costa Rica in a limited edition.
Glorka and Boruca textiles
We only created a few pieces, and all of them are one of the kind.
With this collection we wanted to support local women of Boruca and their tradition and we hope to create more pieces like this.
Boruca Cotton Hand Dye
Each piece has been stitched at the gorgeous and peaceful place by the volcano Arenal (we were feeling the energy strongly!)
Glorka Dresses with Boruca Textiles
We brought the pieces from Arenal to the US and happily shared them with with our community.
They are all one size fits all. Sides are open - so you can wear them as long elegant ponchos or ritual robes.
Check out a few pieces that are left from our collection. 
We hope it will serve as a beautiful intentional attire for the special gatherings, personal practice, ceremony journeys, music, dance or simple comfort of life.
Material: Cotton blend (about 80% cotton, 20% lycra bought in San Jose, CR) + 100% cotton naturally dyed handwoven embroidery from Boruca Village.
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