10 Things You Can Do During The Fall In 2020

10 Things You Can Do During The Fall In 2020

Autumn, also known as Fall in North American English,
is one of the four temperate seasons. Outside the tropics, Fall marks the transition from summer to winter.
Is there a chill atmosphere?

Are the leaves changing?

Suddenly seeing Halloween decorations everywhere ?

There is only one meaning for that, Fall is here.

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Such sweater weather calls for indulgence in the cozier side of life,
so be ready for what matters:

1.Nature walks-nothing beats a beautiful nature walk in the heart of autumn, the orange leaves provide a breath-taking scenic view.

2.Try new recipes-Take the time to cook up a fall themed recipe with the family. It is such a precious way to bond together with them.

3.Change your wardrobe- With the weather moving into the cooler side, you may want to consider switching up your summer wardrobe for something warmer. Luckily, our glorka fall collection has a wide variety of ponchos and shawls you can buy for the season.

4.Stay Safe-As we are still in a pandemic, please make sure that you still keep to health guidelines and protect loved ones around you.

5.Camping-Set up camp in the backyard of your house with your family and come up with simple but fun camp activities you can have with the children as well.
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6.Zoom Calls-Come up with fun activities with online to play with members who aren't in the same space you are in.

7.Picnics-the weather is to nice and it favors everyone, why not go to a park have a nice set up and have fun? Don't forget to carry a pie or your favorite snack.

8.Bird watching-Research on birds around your local ,get to enjoy while they move from one place to another, and also learn the different types of birds. Isn't that amazing?

9.Collect fall leaves-Building a fall tower is a fun activity to run with the children.

10.Get lost in a maize corn-and let your friends look for you!

This year has taught us nothing but the value of time together, so make use of this Fall season and have all the fun!

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