5 Ways To Wear Harem Pants

5 Ways To Wear Harem Pants

Yes, Harem Pants are still in style and in some circles they are actually becoming even more and more popular!.. Check out glorka's new 5 most favorite ways to wear harem pants: 

#1 Casual Look: Style your favorite pair of harems with any black, gray, beige/brown or white crop top - to show the beauty of the pants in fullest. Asymmetrical tops look very attractive with the wide cut of harem pants - so any shirts, blouses, sweaters or tops with uneven sides will look fantastic! 

glorka harem pants casual look

(on the right Tao White glorka pants are styled with gray asymmetrical top and a black hat)


#2 Street Style Look: If you like urban and street fashion, style your harem pants with simple, loose or oversized shirts, vests, and/or jackets. Hint: Denim #glorkapants will look amazing with boots and jackets. 

glorka harem pants streetwear

(His Wind and Sand and Her Golden Sand glorka pants styled with black and gray t-shirts)

#3 Nomad Look: Style harem pants with a long open or closed caftan, kimono, robe, poncho or a wrap. Add a hat, a talisman or long necklace, and/or a couple of scarves (you can wrap one around your head and use another one as a belt), put on open sandals - and your nomad/beduin look is ready!

glorka harem pants nomad look

(black harem pants styled with asymmetrical white top [sold out] by glorka)

#4 Yoga / Holistic Lifestyle Look: That's simple! Just add a sport top, or a tank top or your favorite Ganesha shirt - and roll into a yoga class, mediation or a sound bath. Harem pants are the best for such experience, where sitting in a Lotus posture is encouraged... Namaste!  

glorka harem pants yoga pants

(black and white glorka dropcrotch shorts [custom order] styled with black hooded crop top)

#5 Bohemian Look: Style harem pants with your favorite vintage blouse, lace top, brocade caftan or a silk kimono. Beige, white, or off-white lace #glorkapants work great for the bohemian look for both men and women, though men could also use cotton/rayon harem pants as well.  

glorka harem pants boho look

(Lace glorka pants styled with vintage cotton/lace blouse as a part of a wedding outfit [love these guys so much!])
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