A-a-a-n-d we opened!

A-a-a-n-d we have opened again!
This time it is a brand-new marketplace - amazing location at the corner of East Houston and Mulberry Street and it is the same The Market NYC, and many same vendors and the same cool vibe and cozy welcoming energy. 
We have an addition though! The space for this location we are sharing with incredible New York based designer and artist Lunara Love.
She creates amazing feather and beads hair accessories and magical Dakini Veils. 
We are super excited to share the space with her because our creations just seem to work together so well. Glorka's plain solid calming grounding colors and simple shapes give perfect platform for intricate sparkling and shimmering Lunara's designs!

Come visit us every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 290 Mulberry Street to chat, play dress-up and style yourself with amazing designs. 
Hours are 11 am - 7 pm 
Peace and Love! ;) 
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