How to wear Harem Pants


Harem Pants very easy to wear. They are usually made with an elastic waist or a string which you can easily tie around your body. They look the best with a crop top or any tank top - so you can show the beauty of the pants fully. Belts look great with harem pants as they add the nice unique touch!

Harem pants also look great with crop jackets and sweaters, as well as shirts!

We came up a few of our favorite looks: 

Look #1: Simple

What to wear with: black tank top and black flats. 

Where to: dance studio, or yoga studio, home, camping, long distance car/plane traveling, festivals and dance/pilates classes. It's almost like a holistic lifestyle uniform!

Variation: Black plain shirt and barefoot

Or even topless and barefoot:

Look #2: City Casual

What to wear with: grey long-sleeve shirt, black leather jacket and your favorite converse 

Where to: city walks, shopping, rock-band concerts, dates, chilling in the city park, some edgy startup offices, city sightseeing strolls...

Variation: glorka ponchos and leather or suede short boots


Variation: whatever you usually wear + glorkapants :-)

Look #3: Yoga Lifestyle

What to wear with: T-shirt or tank top and barefoot

Variation: long-sleeve hoodie, barefoot

Look #4: Festival Ready 

What to wear with: Some bright tunic or beaded bra, ponchos and wraps, cowboy hat and googles, Tibetan scarf and slips / boots or barefoot.

Where to: summer music festivals, indoors and outdoors, singing circles, drum circles, yoga gatherings, dance festivals, art festivals, etc.



Look #5: Your New Business Look

What to wear with: white shirt, classic suit jacket and your favorite plain solid color dark copper or black glorkapants. 

Where to: your office, business meetings, business travels (might still be a bit too much for the conservative offices, but it's getting more and more liberal out there!)

Variation: crop jacket, shirt and high heels 


Look # 6: One with Nature

What to wear with: sweat shirts or hoodies + your hiking boots

More looks to come!...




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Love my pants. I wear them out and about, but find them fabulous for my yoga class :)


Harem pants have got to be one of the most interesting and comfortable garments ever invented, and honestly, I don’t know why they are not more popular in Western fashion. Harem pants are full, loose-fitting trousers made of a soft material that is gathered in closely at the ankle or lower leg. Our Harem Pants will have you so comfortable you will never want to take them off.


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