Ethical Fashion And Why You Should Consider It

Ethical Fashion And Why You Should Consider It

What is ethical fashion?

Cossac defines it as " a process in which considerations for ethical and environmental impacts are made in order to reduce the potential impact on the planet and other human beings from creating and manufacturing a product."

This means that a lot goes into creating the product. The materials used to create the product, the process of creating it, the welfare of the people involved in its creation as well as its effects on the environment. It also referred to as sustainable fashion or eco-friendly fashion. 

Why is it important?

1.Green fashion

The most important part of ethical fashion is that it is good for the environment. Caring for the environment isn't affected only by what we consume or machines that we use, but by what we wear. Ethical fashion seeks to create garments that are kind to the environment and sustainable to the eco-system in the long run.



Glorka wear is a cruelty-free shop. This means that we do not stand for garments created by the mistreatment or underpayment of the people creating it. We are also against mistreatment and the killing of animals to produce garments.



Ethical garments are friendly to the skin. Since they are not created by strong chemicals, they are kind to the skin and won't bring about allergies or other skin reactions.

4.Easy to maintain

Organic clothing is easy to maintain. Unlike factory produced wear, organic wear is a lot easier to maintain and sustainable over an extended period of time.


Owning sustainable clothing gives you the opportunity to spread awareness of environmental sustainability. What's more, you can encourage your friends to do the same!



Glorka is cruelty-free & sweat-shop free. We are devoted to ethical production.


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