Female Skirts Magic

Female Skirts Magic

Our team is so happy to announce that we have a gorgeous collection of new female skirts. 

The new skirt collection is a product of our collaborative project with @ammachilab in empowering women of India by teaching them new skills and elevating their spirits. 

The skirts are created by the tribal women of Rajasthan State of India. We have spend few month there to get to know them and support them in learning new skills of sewing. 

And this skirts collection was created. These skirts breathe tribal spirit, women's passion and desire to co-create together. 

The fabric was sent to India right before the pandemic and 10 unique skirts were made and shipped to us right when the lockdown have started. Somehow the package did made it to LA and we have received our first skirt collection. 

With the help of her brother, Gali, the village girl whom we left in charge of the project, was able to open her first bank account (big deal in Indian village) and we was able to send her and other women their first remote payment. We cant believe all the little steps and pieces came together!

Little details for the curious ones. one skirt. 

About 4 meters of fabric is required to make one of these skirts. The fabric is folded in the pleats and then sewn together to create the elegant and ruffled look. All the prints are 100% hand block printed cotton - the 400 years old tradition of Rajasthan handblock printing. 


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love this so much..its just small..im a large


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