Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Love in a Box!

Finding that perfect gift for the special someone in your life may seem impossible, but we have put together a list of gifts that sure won't disappoint!.

1. Make it meaningful

A ceremonial gift is always the way to go! We have a wide range of ceremonial pieces you can shop from here. 


2. Make it Personal

Pick a gift with a personalized touch to make it more memorable.

3. Make it versatile

Don't play by the rules. Play with different styles to stand out from the crowd.

4. Give back

Winter 2018 glorka had partnered up with the incredible @ammachilabs team and went to India to work with women from rural villages who barely have any access for education or any ways to support themselves and their families...

Every year now we go to India to co-create, sew and craft with these beautiful village women. Together we have been creating wonderful collections of bohemian caftans and dresses for glorka. 
Each piece is handmade with much care and love in the circle of tribal women.
We’ll continue working with Ammachi Labs on empowering local Indian women and helping them become more independent, self-reliant and simply happier... The proceeds from each of your purchases will go directly to support this project. 
Read about our India journeys in the blog & browse this year's collection of dresses together with the stories of women who made them.
Each piece has a story!

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