India Dairies III: Meet The Beautiful Team

Sonar and Ramila - are two lovely ladies that asked me if they can come and stay at the classroom all day (instead of 3 hours of official class time) Because they have to walk 6 km every day to get here and 6 km back!... 
glorka and ammachi labs
This is Anju - she is expecting <3 <3 <3 and also learning hand stitching. She can definitely use it for her baby when the time comes :) 
glorka and ammachi labs
Ruksana and Ayisha - Mother and daughter. They always come together holding hands. So sweet. Ruksana is planning to use the skills to make blouses and skirts for relatives, and Aysha wants to open her own center and start teaching girls to sew herself! (Her skills are actually impressive!) 
glorka and ammachi labs
This girl!!! (Ramila) 
The cutest trouble-maker! She sings songs while Im explaining, struggles to pay attention, runs outside and back when there is a time to watch and learn... lol, but! She is always on top of organizing the space we work in, getting scissors, pins, scales, iron and whatever else is required and really doing her best to finish all the stitching and have the final product look its best!.. and then -  jumping to help the other girls that are still struggling to finish their pieces, so they can also have great looking garments!

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  • Anu chechi

    Glorka, these adventures sound so fun! And impressive how quickly you’re able to set up trainings. These women are so special and with the support of someone like you, can soar to new heights. Beautiful to see it all unfold like this.

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