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Celestial Spirit | Black Kimono | Her

Celestial Spirit | Black Kimono | Her

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Wearable Art Hooded Kimono designed by 3 Soul Sisters...

We are so happy to introduce our next kimono design we have co-created with our soul sisters Svetlana of FLO Art and Violetta of The Next Level People.

Connecting the magic of Bali and the beauty of California we have designed these beautiful hooded kimonos, transforming the gorgeous art sketch The Wandering Monk into a print and giving Him a new dharma and a new path to walk the Earth, staying true to our mission of making this world a better place. Together. 🙌✨

Each kimono is made with lots of love and care with the intention of bringing you joy for many years to come.

The colors are White and Black.

NOTE: If one of the colors is not available- please reach out to us, we are ordering more and we can tell you when the color will be back in stock 🙏🏻

You can also place a pre-order for the color you want. 

Size: One Size. Unisex.

Materials: 100% rayon.

Overall Length: 48 in.
Chest Width: 40 in.


We highly recommend dry clean or hand-washing and drying flat. Gentle cycle wash-machine is OK. Avoid hot dryers!

Let us share a story about Celestial Spirit…

There might be a time in your life when you think you have reached the point of the Ultimate Transformation, when you feel that you finally understand everything, that you have walked all the paths and your inner Wandering Monk has finally found The Truth.
In this exact moment something miraculous happens. As from the darkness emerges the Light, The Celestial Spirit appears inside of you and invites to go on a new journey, and you suddenly realize: “Oh, this is just the beginning!…”, and the quest of the Wandering Monk continues….

Our Monk has already traveled to many places, met a lot of magical beings and made many lifetime friends and allies, and now, with their help he found The Celestial Spirit.
Together, they are starting a new adventure. As Yin dances with Yang, as Shakti walks with Shiva, as the Light follows the Dark, they are walking both the Earthly and Celestial realms, rising each other higher and seeing the Self in the Other...

I am You and You are Me. We are One and The Same.
Stay as Awareness…

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