Black and White Duo | Shorts
Black and White Duo | Shorts
Black and White Duo | Shorts
Black and White Duo | Shorts
Black and White Duo | Shorts
Black and White Duo | Shorts

Black and White Duo | Shorts

$ 84.00

Black and White Duo drop-crotch pants with pockets. Great summer version of our Deep Stretch Black pants. 

-Relaxed fit
-2 side pockets
-Elastic waistband and leg cuffs

Style it with high heels or boots, make it formal or informal... it's great for a casual city look, as well as edgy stylish festival wear.

- black cotton jersey (waistband and main fabric), white cotton jersey (cuffs) and 100% white cotton (main fabric).
Fabric for this pair was bought in Fashion District Manhattan, and the pair of pants was made in one of our Bushwick Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Fits: S, M, L
-Length: 27" (~68 cm)
-Waist: 28" - 42" (70 - 106 cm)

Gentle cycle cold/warm machine wash and low temperature dryer are OK.
We hand-make all garments with love and care and we want them to bring you joy as long as possible! This is why we always recommend hand washing and drying flat to preserve the item to last longer.
Please avoid hot dryers!


glorka wear is handmade, ethical and sweat-shop free production. We work with 2 seamstresses and and 1 sewer from New York and Los Angeles. We are very proud to work with this great team full of passion for sewing and crafting.
To reduce textile waste and make our planet greener we strive to upcylce (use discarded or vintage fabrics that would end up in waste otherwise), and eco-friendly natural fabrics and blends that will decompose with time.

We are still in the process of moving towards sustainability and we still cary a number of products made from contemporary synthetic fabrics. With every new step we will be updating our inventory towards compostable, natural and upcycled materials. 
You can always inquire about each of the fabrics we use for our designs. Send us convo at any time!


We know how expensive handmade items can be, especially produced in the U.S. this is why we want to be completely transparent with our prices.
And not only we want to be transparent, we also want to let you know that we maintain our prices within wholesale rates range, as oppose to traditional retail prices that usually are double-wholesale price.
We want to join the companies and that are moving fashion industry towards transparency and competent pricing.
You can always see the cost of production for each of our products to know exactly what you are paying for!

"Basic and White Duo" glorka shorts:

Materials: $9.50
Labor: $15
Transport, shipping, handling of materials: $10.80
Labels, handtags, packaging: $1.43

Total base cost to produce: $35.73
glorka price: $84
Traditional retail price: $185