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Lace up!

                "I am inspired by the appearance of a bohemian of the new millennium. I thought it was necessary to update the figure of the bohemian, but not in the traditional way." ~John MalkovichMy favorite harem pants look is "Laced-up"! How beautiful it is to mix romantic bohemian lace look with a warrior loose sweatpants design. This piece is inspired by Steampunk, Victorian and Gothic styles. Staying true to my dedication to comfy wear I spiced it up with the intricate floral lace! It's light and comfy, great for the desert, festival costume and for various boho, steampunk, gothic and burlesque style outfits. Wear it with black shorts, tights or bikini underneath. Style...

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Original glorka's print: Cosmic Path Collection

The Cosmic Path collection and its one of the kind original glorka prints are the result of the creative collaboration between glorka brand, represented by Zhenya Glorka, and luckyBdesign, represented by Barbara Gentile.   Collection consists of a few cosmic colors pants with unique geometrical prints that truly are the artwork. At this moment this collection is MAKE-TO-ORDER Only.  Inspired by Sacred Geometry, Cosmology and Creation of the Universe, this Limited Edition of original glorka print pants is an outcome of a very dedicated hard work and exceptionally time-consuming process.  Each print has been created in a form of a unique artwork, and each creation from the collection carries its own vibe and energy.  Pants presented on these photos are already sold and...

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How to wear Harem Pants

  Harem Pants very easy to wear. They are usually made with an elastic waist or a string which you can easily tie around your body. They look the best with a crop top or any tank top - so you can show the beauty of the pants fully. Belts look great with harem pants as they add the nice unique touch! Harem pants also look great with crop jackets and sweaters, as well as shirts! We came up a few of our favorite looks:  Look #1: Simple What to wear with: black tank top and black flats.  Where to: dance studio, or yoga studio, home, camping, long distance car/plane traveling, festivals and dance/pilates classes. It's almost like a holistic lifestyle uniform!...

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