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Kundalini White Clothing

“You are an eternal being of light and love. You are a child of God and abundance is your inheritance. You are at a deep level one with the whole universe and therefore everything you need already exists within you. Everything!” ~ #CissiWilliams ....@joelmichaelme wearing Ceremonial White Light Shorts - perfect for your kundalini yoga practice...

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Deep Stretch Black Pants

Whether I do morning yoga routine or run errands around the house - this is the first thing i put on every morning. Pair of simple black stretch harem pants  If I want to dress up to go out to dinner with friends in the city - this pair is still a pair of my choice, and i just style it with a fancy jacket or some cool asymmetrical tunic or shawl...  - Jumping into a drum circle or a sound bath bath after the dinner? Same pair •- Traveling long hours in a car or on a plane? - Same one - Passing out on a couch with my legs up after a long work day?.. Well, you got the point ;-) So, if you want a...

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A Few Words Of Wisdom From Swami

Before we arrived at the village where we would be living and working for the next two weeks, we spent a night at Amma’s Ashram in Mumbai.  Right before we were heading out Swami invited us to sit down for a few minutes and gave us a little talk/satsang...He reminded us not to look outside of ourselves for happiness and contentment, but to look inside, meditate more and go within...Going within when things around you are storming or being quite overwhelming is a great tool and such a wonder reminder. We always look outside of ourselves searching for pleasures, love and happiness. But when we sit down, quiet the mind and stay in silence we eventually arrive at the place where...

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