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Desert Tales

          Desert Tales - is our chic luxurious and mysterious collection, which was created in the collaboration with Lunara Love of Lunaradesign. This Collection is infused with the desert colors, hot air, and dark chilly nights... It offers a unique look created from the nomad style harem pants and the desert beduin scarves and tunics. This collection is unisex and is truly unique. For everyone who is embracing the free spirit of the desert and loves contemporary nomad lifestyle...  Contact us to learn more about this collaboration and Lunara's designs!    Photo credits: Lynn Millspaugh, Zhenya Glorka, Lunara Love

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How Glorka Brand Was Founded...

"It’s all started in summer 2012 - when I flew from New York to visit my family in Russia and met with my high school dear friend in my hometown… At that time I just discovered Burning Man, yoga, spiritual retreats, festivals, outdoors, and big love for comfy free-flow clothing… I remember i was wearing my only pair of thai fisherman pants I bought at one of the summer markets, when I saw a similar style pant on my friend Kristina. I said: “Wow, I love your pants, they are like mine, but so much cooler… I’ve never seen them in this fabric before…” And she said: “Yeah, I made them myself. I can teach you, it’s so simple!” Next...

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Why to Meditate?

   - Why to meditate? - Because you want to go within. - Why to go within? - Because within, inside yourself,  you can find true peace. Once you find true peace within yourself,  you start getting filled with joy. Once you are filled with joy - you can spread the joy around. - Why to meditate everyday? Because the path inside yourself  can easily be forgotten. Unless you practice regularly with no gaps for an extended period of time. Only then the foundation of the path is established. Meditate regularly, with no gaps, for an extended period of time to build the path within ~ Master Patanjali & glorka.

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