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Ethical Fashion And Why You Should Consider It

What is ethical fashion? Cossac defines it as " a process in which considerations for ethical and environmental impacts are made in order to reduce the potential impact on the planet and other human beings from creating and manufacturing a product." This means that a lot goes into creating the product. The materials used to create the product, the process of creating it, the welfare of the people involved in its creation as well as its effects on the environment. It also referred to as sustainable fashion or eco-friendly fashion.  Why is it important? 1.Green fashion The most important part of ethical fashion is that it is good for the environment. Caring for the environment isn't affected only by what we consume...

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Desert Tales

          Desert Tales - is our chic luxurious and mysterious collection, which was created in the collaboration with Lunara Love of Lunaradesign. This Collection is infused with the desert colors, hot air, and dark chilly nights... It offers a unique look created from the nomad style harem pants and the desert beduin scarves and tunics. This collection is unisex and is truly unique. For everyone who is embracing the free spirit of the desert and loves contemporary nomad lifestyle...  Contact us to learn more about this collaboration and Lunara's designs!    Photo credits: Lynn Millspaugh, Zhenya Glorka, Lunara Love

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Original glorka's print: Cosmic Path Collection

The Cosmic Path collection and its one of the kind original glorka prints are the result of the creative collaboration between glorka brand, represented by Zhenya Glorka, and luckyBdesign, represented by Barbara Gentile.   Collection consists of a few cosmic colors pants with unique geometrical prints that truly are the artwork. At this moment this collection is MAKE-TO-ORDER Only.  Inspired by Sacred Geometry, Cosmology and Creation of the Universe, this Limited Edition of original glorka print pants is an outcome of a very dedicated hard work and exceptionally time-consuming process.  Each print has been created in a form of a unique artwork, and each creation from the collection carries its own vibe and energy.  Pants presented on these photos are already sold and...

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