5 picks from Glorka team for Mother's Day!

As Mother's Day approaches, you are probably looking for the last minute gifts or simply something that is an amazing quality for an amazing mother figure.

Below is our top 5 gifts for Mother’s Day

  1. Caftan Dress.

glorka caftan

This dress is extremely flattering, it is soft and flowy, making it easy to function while also being beautiful AND comfortable! 

 Carmina Black Dance Dress

glorka dress

This beautiful black dress is known for dancing in. The space and stretch in this dress is  unmatched. The special lady in your life needs this in her closet; she will appreciate the functionality and beauty of this dress!

  1.  Indigo Tree Rings Skirt

glorka skirt

This long, flowy maxi skirt screams femininity. Gifting this skirt to your mom (or mother figure in your life) will add a unique piece to her with the gorgeous print. It is perfect for almost any occasion! A walk in the park? A night at the beach? Brunch with the girls? This comfortable, flowy skirt is perfect for all of it!

  1. Hooded Poncho

glorka poncho

This This 100% handwoven cotton poncho is a gorgeous touch to any outfit. It is a flattering piece that will keep you warm and stylish as you take on the day. 

Kimono Robe

glorka kimono

Last, but certainly not least, this lovely kimono robe is just perfect, not only for Mother’s Day, but for the warm weather that is arriving. This kimono can be worn to a picnic on a beautiful spring day, a night on the beach or simply as a piece to bring your outfit to perfection for any occasion.  

It isn't too late to shop for your Mother’s Day gifts. There are so many more items to choose from... and don’t forget to use our Mother’s Day discount code ‘loveyoumom’ for 20% OFF! (Valid on May 9th only)

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