Glorka Women Empowerment Projects

"When women of different cultures, age and status come together into a circle to craft, share and co-create - something amazing happens... It's hard to explain, but it just feels magical..."
~ Zhenya Glorka, founder of glorka.

Winter 2018 glorka had partnered up with the incredible @ammachilabs team and went to India to work with women from rural villages who barely have any access for education or any ways to support themselves and their families..

glorka women empowerment
Since that year Zhenya Glorka has been expanding this project and traveling to India, Costa Rica and Panama to co-create, sew and craft dresses with indigenous women from rural villages. Together we have been creating wonderful collections of bohemian caftans and robes.
The goal of this movement is to empower rural women and help them become more independent, self-reliant and simply happier...
It is such an honor to be able to spend time with women, share knowledge and create beautiful pieces.
Learning new stitches together, laughing and sharing good moments- this is a true co-creation - sacred, beautiful, and uplifting.
It is interesting that even though the initial goal of the project has been to empower women by teaching them a new skill and introducing the concept of entrepreneurship - by the end of the day the most significant value turned out to be a heart-to-heart connection and spending time together in a creative flow. This is  truly the most healing and fulfilling experience. 
glorka poncho glorka india  glorka india caftan 
Each piece created within this project is a unique gem handmade with much care and love in a circle of women. It has its own story and carries its own beautiful energy.
The proceeds from each of the purchases go back into supporting the project.
Stay tuned as we are partnering up with a non-profit organization "Women In Need PR" and starting a new project with local women in Puerto Rico!
Special THANK YOU to Mata Amritanandamayi for guidance, inspiration and unconditional love...