Collection: Kuna Tribe Project Panama

March 2023: We arrived in Panama to visit women from Kuna tribe and start a new project, teaching them how to make simple glorka designs and creating yet another collection together with their incredible hand-stitched molas.
Kuna mola
Kuna tribe is one of the seven survivor tribes in Panama and it’s known for their incredibly beautiful and intricate molas: the hand-stitched embroideries that you would probably recognize right away if you have ever traveled to Panama.
The molas of Kuna Tribe have significant meaning. Women hand-stitch and weave their dreams and prayers into the fabric, so each piece is unique and special. These are very powerful, intricate and incredibly detailed works of Art, and it is such an honor to co-design the pieces using these old traditional tribal textiles. 
kuna tribal women and glorka
We had absolutely incredible two weeks of working together, sharing knowledge, drinking tea in the evening, meeting family, cousins, abuelas and children, and deepening heart-to-heart connection in a pure creative flow... 

Our first collection "Kuna" - a collection of ponchos, robes and dresses we hand-stitched together with the tribal women from Kuna Yala in a limited edition was born in the end of March of 2023. 
As it usually happens with us, the collection was sold out within a couple of months... but we continue supporting the women of Kuna Yala and soon we will  photograph and upload our next Kuna collection!

Check in to see if we have any new pieces from Kuna Tribe Project online! 
As we expand, we will be refreshing this collection and we'll be posting more pieces... 
Stay tuned!  
glorka Kuna Tribe Poncho