Collection: Puerto Rico Project

Glorka + "Women In Need PR"

We came to this island to continue working with women, passing on knowledge and co-weaving magic…
The island’s waters and the forces of the rainforest called us in, and we are honored to start this project in the Caribbean!.. 🏝️

May it bring many blessings to the women of the island and all the people supporting our brand and this work! 🌱🤍

glorka and women in need pr
We are so excited to announce a new partnership between Glorka and Women In Need PR! 
Women In Need PR is a nonprofit organization that is founded on the belief that all women and children have the right to feel safe, empowered and free from abuse and domestic violence. Their work is based in Puerto Rico to help women and children in Puerto Rico with emotional support and education to assist in the rehabilitation process resulting from domestic violence and trauma.
glorka handwoven poncho
In 2023 we started free sewing classes at WIN PR center to empower local women and teach them new sewing skills as well as provide a safe space to enjoy creative process. 
Together we learned, sang, laughed and created a beautiful collection of dresses and ponchos using handwoven cotton from India and some of the Kuna Tribe embroideries left from our project in Panama. 
Now we have a little glorka boutique right in WIN PR center where we showcase our new pieces and continue developing new programs  for women. You are always welcome to visit us in San Juan, have a cup of tea with us, listen to the stories of each piece and share your thoughts... 
 glorka boutique Puerto Rico
We are working on building a community space where we can come together for tea ceremonies, breathwork, yoga, artisan markets, singing circles and more!.. The event space is open to all, men and women. The percentage of proceeds from events will go to support a non-profit for women.
WIN center PR glorka PR