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Glorka is an ethical clothing brand that promotes holistic lifestyle and freedom culture.

We offer high frequency wear to empower authentic expression and support the raising of energetic vibrations in every day life. We design it for tribe gatherings, ceremony, yogic practices and simple life comfort.

• We use natural fibers and upcycled fabrics. We know where our fabrics are coming from whether it is a handwoven cotton or an upcycled vintage rayon. "It's so soft" - are the first words people usually say when they try on glorka pieces.

• Signature free-flow pants, unique prints and cozy ponchos and tunics are made with pure intentions and love frequency and make a beautiful energetic addition to daily rituals or any life celebration.

We believe in the magic of handmade quality crafts and aim to expand awareness in offering ethical, planet-loving and sustainable production that always gives back to the community.

We support sacredness of being and women’s empowerment and working with the several empowerment projects in India, Panama, Costa Rica and Burkina Faso, West Africa

glorka and makhosi
Every human being is a unique genius and is full of gifts.

We love human beings, we are inspired by human beings, we create for human beings.

Glorka holds a vision of unity and collaboration for the passionate heartepreneurs to come together in loving co-creation. We love dancing as one, unlocking creative collective potential.

We are blessed to be surrounded by a talented community of artisans and always willing to support new passionate hearts. We love to initiate artistic projects and are open for invitations to collaborate. In unity we thrive.

Glorka tribe 


How The Brand Started...

 "It’s all started in summer 2012 - when I flew from New York to Russia to visit my family. There in my hometown I met with my high school dear friend Kristina.

At that time I just discovered festival culture, yoga, spirituality and a huge love for a comfortable free-flowing clothes…

I remember i was wearing my one and only pair of Thai fisherman pants when I saw a similar style pant on my friend Kristina.

I said: “Wow, I love your pants, they are like mine, but so much cooler… I’ve never seen them in this fabric before…”

And she said: “Yeah, I made them myself. I can teach you, it’s so simple!”

Next thing I know - we are at the fabric store choosing cool fabrics to make my first pants. Same day later - there I am, at her place in my hometown, learning how to make baggy loose comfy pants from the hand-selected unique fabrics!

I came back to New York and decided that I would start making these drop pants and give them to my friends on their birthdays. And I have many friends….

A year passed by and most of my friends were happily wearing first original glorka pants, and then more people started asking me if they could get a pair as well...

It was the beginning of the brand… In 2013 the website was created and the first batch of pants was handmade from the scratch and offered to public. Since then the brand has been growing organically... It’s a constant process of learning and experimenting, creation and inspiration... 

You will ask: what does “glorka” mean? - Well, that’s another cool story, which I have covered in one of the blog posts here

What initially inspired the brand was the desire to bring this amazing gift of comfort to my friends, and let them stand out wearing the pants from the unique and rare fabrics.

Another mission of the brand now is to promote and support holistic lifestyle. Love for yoga and meditation, spiritual practices and a healthy lifestyle - all of this is at the core of glorka’s mission.

Another aspect of the brand is striving towards sustainability and ethical production. It’s so important to make sure everything we do is good for the planet.

So, this is the story… It’s not complete yet, as the brand is evolving constantly… Learning is happening every day: new projects, new designs, new ideas and new supporters - glorka is so blessed on this journey, to say the least!

And of course - giving back to the community... That's also so important!

Thanks to all of you We're able to send 10% of the profits from online sales to Amma's Global Charity Organization Embracing the World helping poorest communities on our planet have access to food, shelter, education, healthcare and livelihood.

Once again, Thank You Everyone for Making It Happen!

Together we can truly make this world a better place!"

- Zhenya Glorka

Founder of glorka

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"Thank you Kristina for sharing your wisdom and being a great teacher! It wouldn't happen without you...",
"Thank you Ernest J Smith, for your guidance, support and eternal love..."
"Thank you Bridgette Morphew for being my first mentor and inspiration"...- Zhenya Glorka, founder of glorka brand.

glorka harem pants