Clothing for her.

Womanhood. What a gift. 
Female body. The temple of prayer. Sacred vessel. Ancient intelligence. 
Home is graceful, beautiful and full of light. Smell the wild flowers. 
You hear the sounds of water, singing of flying birds. 
Feeling of the ocean power is all around. 
Sun is shining through the plants and trees. 
The wings are wide open. 
The sunrise witnessed right from the center of my being. 
The home is the temple of unity created by the Father Creator and the Mother Creatrix. 
The door opens through the purity of intentions, expressions of the loving heart and graceful art of light. 
Celebration creates aliveness. 
Joy is the key. •
At Glorka brand we honor the art of womanhood. 
Glorka brand was inspired in sisterhood, and it strongly supports women in business and promotes women empowerment. 
Our team celebrates women and their power, we trust in feminine collaboration and support many of women's business endeavors.
Great part of our profits are going towards supporting women of India in learning new skills. 
Check out our women's collection and our Ammachi Lab Project of supporting women of India.  

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