Empowering Women in India. India Diaries 2019

Empowering Women in India. India Diaries 2019

Tune in to Glorka's India Diaries 2019: 

glorka and ammachi labs

Here I am again, going to India to continue the work we started last year together with AMMACHI Labs on supporting and empowering women from rural villages. I will be teaching them basic sewing skills and co-creating another amazing collection of Bohemian Caftans for the brand. 
I am SO excited to be coming back there! There is so much more to do...
Thank you everyone who was supporting me last time and who is supporting this project this year! The plan is to start establishing an ongoing relationship with Ammachi Labs and villages.... Yay!

Oh and, I just want to say.. Living there feels like a Discovery Channel!.. Working together and co-creating something beautiful, - it's just so rewarding!...  
I will be updating you guys on the journey, wish me luck! 🙏🏻



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