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Glorka brings the colors of Africa!

  Do you hear the songs of ancestors calling?…Can you feel the magic woven into colorful vibrant textiles?…What an honor it is to introduce the NEW, beautiful (and super exciting!) project @glorka + @makhosi_org just started, bringing in the colors of Danfani African textiles into glorka designs!Makhosi Temple introduced Glorka to "Danfani" textiles from Burkina Faso a few months ago and we just finished the first collection and created a little glorka showroom boutique at Makhosi Temple in Fallbrook, CANow you can visit Makhosi Temple, dive into the healing activities, check out the pieces and learn more about this collab and the incredible work this center is doing.“Danfani” are the traditional indigo textiles hand-loomed & handstiched together. 🙏🏻100% woven cotton, kapok, & indigenous silk...

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