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Glorka + Women In Need PR

We are so excited to announce a new partnership between Glorka and Women In Need PR!  Women In Need PR is a nonprofit organization that is founded on the belief that all women and children have the right to feel safe, empowered and free from abuse and domestic violence. Their work is based in Puerto Rico to help women and children in Puerto Rico with emotional support and education to assist in the rehabilitation process resulting from domestic violence and trauma. Glorka specializes in handmade, hand woven clothes and works to empower authentic expression and support the raising of energetic vibrations in everyday life. Glorka believes in ethical and sustainable production to give back to the community.  Together, Glorka and...

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India Dairies III: Meet The Beautiful Team

Sonar and Ramila - are two lovely ladies that asked me if they can come and stay at the classroom all day (instead of 3 hours of official class time) Because they have to walk 6 km every day to get here and 6 km back!...  This is Anju - she is expecting <3 <3 <3 and also learning hand stitching. She can definitely use it for her baby when the time comes :)  Ruksana and Ayisha - Mother and daughter. They always come together holding hands. So sweet. Ruksana is planning to use the skills to make blouses and skirts for relatives, and Aysha wants to open her own center and start teaching girls to sew herself! (Her skills are...

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India Dairies: Empowering Women with Ammachi Labs

It's been a while since I've been wanting to do some good to the community.  I always thought: "someday, when I become rich and famous, I will travel to developing places and will help communities..." - Till recently. I was lucky to be at the retreat with Amma, and discover about Ammachi Labs - a humanitarian organization helping women from remote rural villages to learn basic sewing skills so they can make living and support their families. That was the beginning of my journey the India, where I am at the moment, working with the amazing crew of dedicated people to help connect glorka brand with the women from the villages.           The plan is to travel to...

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