Work leisure collection

Work leisure collection


Working from home? 

Welcome to the club. 

Due to a global pandemic our economy is switching gears. Connecting and shopping online has become the way of life for many people. While internet space is growing bigger and bigger our couches became our offices. 

Turning home coziness into the space of productivity has been a task inspired by many.  

Our Glorka brand team has put together a new collection of work leisure clothing for all who want to feel comfy and presentable while working from home. 

Our collection of pants, dresses, skirts and caftans are perfect for work leisure lifestyle.

Our stylish signature pants allow freedom of movement and are super comfy, thus, prepare you to be ready for any activities scheduled in your calendar. 

Our dresses and caftans are perfect for working at home moms, business women and anyone who likes flowy and comfy wear, while still looking stylish. 

All our clothing is handmade and the fabrics we use are wisely chosen so we can maintain healthy relationship to our skins and Planet Earth.

We choose comfort as our priority, so work at home becomes more fun, productive and even healthier for our bodies. 

Check out our work leisure collection and let us know how we can make your life even more comfier. 


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