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abunDANCE | Dance of Liberation Ceremonial Wrap

abunDANCE | Dance of Liberation Ceremonial Wrap

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Ceremonial white shawl with the golden lace trim designed exclusively for Dance of Liberation.  

Dance with an abundance of spirit. The eye-catching golden/white lace collar of this white knit wrap represents the essence and radiance of the Sun. Initiate connection to your divinity, prosperity, and abundant heart.

This incredibly soft and gentle lace-trimmed wrap stretches and hugs your body. It creates a mesmerizing bouncy effect as you flow through your day — or your Conscious Dance practice. Ideal for yoga, dance, meditation, intentional gatherings, sound baths, and beyond…

This piece is a conscious creation with a pure, beautiful energy. It is part of the Dance of Liberation™ ceremonial collection, a carefully-curated selection of wraps and pants specifically designed to accompany your journey with Parashakti. Consider pairing this ceremonial attire with a precious Winged Ones Jewelry Set & companion East Gate online activation program  (emailed after the purchase) to complete the experience.

To acquire the full ceremonial set, view the matching abunDANCE Lace Pant here.

Overall Length: 48 in.
Overall Width: 54 in. 


We hand-make all garments with love and care and we want them to bring you joy as long as possible! We highly recommend dry clean or hand-washing and drying flat.

About the Creation of this Beautiful Ceremonial Piece:

Each unique and exclusive piece in this collection is known as High Frequency Attire. It is created in a high vibrational ceremonial setting, where it is blessed with intention that carries on to its wearer (you!). In this collaboration project between Glorka and Parashakti, both parties come together in a sacred space imbued with the scents of sage and the presence of meaningful altar items (such as healing stones) to infuse each piece of clothing with intention.

The more people that wear High Frequency Attire, the more we raise the positive vibrations of the collective. That’s why each piece of clothing is a helper, advisor, and guide to the individual — providing themselves and those around them support on the spiritual path to discover one’s higher truth and purpose. When you aim to choose an item from the DOL x Glorka collection, you must first embark on a spiritual investigation to find the meaningful attire that best suits your vision. That is why wearing High Frequency Attire is not simply an act, but a lifestyle.

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