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Visionary | Ceremonial Jewelry

Visionary | Ceremonial Jewelry

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Let us introduce a beautiful Sacred Jewelry created in our collaboration with Parashakti, the founder of Dance of Liberation movement and The East Gate activation program. 

It was born during The East Gate Activation Ceremony by Parashakti and Glorka as a complimentary, energetically-charged power set for glorka's Ceremony White Collection - a collection of pants and dresses to accompany you into your Ceremony journeys, intentional circles and day to day rituals. 

Visionary (vi·​sion·​ary | /ˈviZHəˌnerē/): An individual who plans for the future with imaginative and insightful solutions.

The pendant is crafted from a sterling silver with an approximately 4” stone. Sterling silver chain is included. 

It is a strikingly bold piece, it fills its wearer with confidence, courage, and the capability to take on their intention. When you choose The Visionary as a companion, you acknowledge your need for solidarity.

With its substantial weight and presence, The Visionary will allow you, as its wearer, to feel grounded. If grounding and stability are what you seek to get you through your transitionary period, this is the sacred jewelry for you.

A “visionary” is someone who steps into their soul’s calling, purpose, or mission. They may enter a dream state to connect to that calling, allowing them to fully realize the path ahead.

The Visionary Prayer: “May the Visionary inside of you have Wings to fly to its highest peak.”


This piece is a part of The East Gate online program, a virtual journey consisting of:

  • Two guided meditations
  • 14 journal entry prompts
  • A ceremonial playlist to provide a soundtrack for your experience
  • Virtual card-reading
  • Instructions on creating an altar (FREE Eagle altar box included with your jewelry set)
  • FREE link to watch Dance of Liberation documentary on Gaia


Once you purchase this piece, we will email you The East Gate online program information and all the supporting information. 

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