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Wandering Monk | Black Kimono

Wandering Monk | Black Kimono

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Black Wearable Art Hooded Kimono designed by 3 Soul Sisters...

 We are so happy to introduce the new kimonos design we have co-created with our soul sisters Svetlana of FLO Art and Violetta of The Next Level People.

Connecting the magic of Bali and the beauty of California we have designed these beautiful hooded kimonos, transforming the gorgeous art sketch The Wandering Monk into a print and giving Him a new dharma and a new path to walk the Earth, staying true to our mission of making this world a better place. Together. 🙌✨

Each kimono is made with lots of love and care with the intention of bringing you joy for many years to come. 

The colors are White and Black.

Size: One Size. Unisex.

Materials: 100% rayon. 

Overall Length: 46 in.
Chest Width: 40 in. 


We highly recommend dry clean or hand-washing and drying flat. Gentle cycle wash-machine is OK. Avoid hot dryers! 

Let us share a story about The Wandering Monk...

One late night, somewhere in Moscow, Russia, on the snow-white piece of paper the Monk was born. In a form of an artwork. A sketch...

The sketch was transformed into a beautiful painting and traveled to one of the collector’s homes in Rwanda, Africa.

After some time spent in Africa, the Monk set his path to America. He arrived at Baltimore, lived in San Diego, and eventually found his base in Vista, California, together with a beautiful Goddess, his Mother-Creator. 

There, in a sunny California another Goddess noticed the Monk and invited him to Bali.

The Balinese Goddess reached out to her LA sister and through the incredible creative journey the Monk was transformed again.

He found a new path, a new Dharma on these printed kimonos.

We are so honored to introduce you these kimonos - designed by Balinese Goddess Violetta of @next_level_people and her LA sister Glorka, yours truly - @glorka 

The artwork creator is Svetlana @flo_oart

The Great Path leads the Monk... 

 Find him in stores in Bali, San Diego and Los Angeles...

Join him on his Truth Seeking Quest... 

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