Glorka holds a vision of unity and collaboration for the passionate heartepreneurs to come together in loving co-creation. We love dancing as one, unlocking creative collective potential.

Explore our collaborations with amazing artisans, healers, non-profit organizations with one and only goal - to make our world a better place! 

Glorka + 5Rthythms 

Deep stretch dance wear

Glorka + Amma & AmmachiLabs 

Empowering women in India

glorka ammachi labs


Glorka + Winged Ones 

Sacred Jewelry Set designed together with Parashakti

glorka sacred jewelry


Glorka + Dance of Liberation 

Ceremonial Attire for Dance of Liberation™

DOL Attire by glorka


Glorka + Makhosi Temple

Glorka designs + African Danfani Textiles

glorka and makhosi temple