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Lunara Desert Scarf | Stone Gray

Lunara Desert Scarf | Stone Gray

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Shawl made in stone blue. Made with 100% eco-friendly products. Light and flowy fabric suitable for any weather condition. Works as a great addition to your wardrobe.

Handmade with so much love and care. Can be worn as a headpiece, scarf, warp, or as a belt.

This beautiful desert shawl is a one of the kind creation. 

It comes with two detachable layers: a gauze cotton, hand-dyed by Lunara Love herself, and a stretch cotton jersey layer. 

Lunara has been crafting these magical creations at her home studio in New York, at the beach in Tulum and when she travels to Paris or Moscow to explore the most fashionable places on Earth. 

Each piece is hand-sewn and it takes a few days to make. 

Size: One size.
Sex: Unisex

We hand-make all garments with love and care and we want them to bring you joy as long as possible! Please hand-wash this item only and hang it to dry. It won't take long... 

*glorka is cruelty-free & sweat-shop free, ethical production.

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