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            It's been so much fun to be working with Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms on creating a LIMITED EDITION of a new wave of #5Rhythms harem-style pants. Together we've designed these 5 new prints to move your home rhythm (or inspire you to call in the rhythm you struggle with most) on the dance floor and into the streets. We are calling in all our friends out there loving and moving with 5Rhythms! What is your rhythm?.. F L O W I N GS T A C C A T OC H A O S L Y R I C A LS T I L L N E S S  If you haven't visited 5rhythms yet - please do so -...

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Yin & Yang

  Black & White. Yin & Yang. Push & Pull. Bright & Dark... Yin and Yang first appeared in Chinese philosophy around 3rd Century B.C. They embody dualism – the concept of the energy having an equally powerful, opposing energies within. How beautiful it is!  The opposite and contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent energies. What increases one decreases the other, and harmony (the only superior force) is unattainable until the balance is restored between the two. Isn't it beautiful when two opposite energies give rise to each other, and when coming together create wholeness! We all have bright and dark energies within us. By understanding and embracing them we can find the perfect balance within...☯ White dress Lena Albrant Black dress Tasha Smirnoff   ...

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Men, Women or Unisex?

        Feminine and Masculine, Yin and Yang, Push and Pull, Stillness and Dance... They feel so opposite, yet they are constantly interacting, creating this incredible dance of the flowing energies... The dance which sometimes comes to a beautiful point - Balance. Union. Unity. We see Uni-sex is the Uni-ty of the masculine and feminine. Everything what you can find in our Mens collection looks great on women and the opposite is true. Glorka Designs are always made with the Uni-ty awareness. Stylish, Earthy and Unisex - our Fall 2015 collection can be found in the Men's section, ....and Women's of course! ;-)      

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