Original glorka's print: Cosmic Path Collection

The Cosmic Path collection and its one of the kind original glorka prints are the result of the creative collaboration between glorka brand, represented by Zhenya Glorka, and luckyBdesign, represented by Barbara Gentile.  
Collection consists of a few cosmic colors pants with unique geometrical prints that truly are the artwork. At this moment this collection is MAKE-TO-ORDER Only.
 Inspired by Sacred Geometry, Cosmology and Creation of the Universe, this Limited Edition of original glorka print pants is an outcome of a very dedicated hard work and exceptionally time-consuming process. 
Each print has been created in a form of a unique artwork, and each creation from the collection carries its own vibe and energy. 
Pants presented on these photos are already sold and owned by our Cosmic Tribe Fellows... :) 
 All Cosmic Path pants are handmade and silk-screened here, in New York. All are exclusive, one of the kind pieces and all are withpockets.
Cotton and linen fabrics are used for this collection. Earthy gray, cosmic blue, dark blue and white colors represent the union of the Mother Earth, Space, Heaven and Infinite Universe with the incredible star systems, milky ways, dust clusters, nebulas and fascinating dark and luminous matters...
This collection is UNISEX
We are looking forward to meeting you, the future owners of The Cosmic Path, listen to your adventurous stories and share your gorgeous photographs on our website!
glorka and luckyBdesign
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