5 Different Ponchos to Spice Up Your Closet this Fall.

5 Different Ponchos to Spice Up Your Closet this Fall.

It is much cooler than it has been for the better part of the year. With winter coming in, here are some ways you can stay warm in style with one of the most essential winter pieces; yes you guessed it -  Ponchos!!!

Viento Shawl | Her

Viento Shawl| Her 

An asymmetrical styled ponchos is the perfect out of the ordinary style to add a bit of an edge to your look! Style it with pants or add a stylish belt to wear it with a dress or skirts and boots!

Viento | Nomad Cape | Her

Viento Nomad Cape| Her

2.Go Bold
Ditch the ordinary and style your poncho up with loose pants and a crop top or better yet, for men, go shirtless! (yes, shirtless!) A long flowing poncho robe would be the perfect pick for this look, giving you a look for your warmer fall days.

Charcoal Long Cape

Charcoal Long Cape by Glorka

3. Prints, Prints, Prints!
Prints have a way of adding a touch of vibrance to your look. Pair it up with a plain colored dress or pants for that urban boho style!

Viento Shawl | Him

Viento Shawl|Him

4.Short, plain and minimalist
For more formal occasions such as showing up for work and other important gatherings, add on a simple short black poncho that you can style with almost anything for that classy touch!

Elegant Poncho Cape

Elegant Poncho Cape

5. Play with the hoods
Don't be afraid to pick one with a hood for an alternative jedi look!

Viento Nomad Cape

Viento Nomad Cape|Him

Stay safe and stay happy!

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