Our 5 picks for this Spring Season

As Spring approaches, we are leaving our houses and going out to enjoy the Spring weather.

Here are our 5 pieces to incorporate into your Spring wardrobe!

1. White Shawl Ritual Robe



Soft and gentle beautiful white shawl will serve you as a wonderful ritual robe or kimono.
It is handmade from an upcycled pure white cotton knits fabric.

2. Chiffon Blue dress

This beautiful chiffon open caftan is a wonderful coverup for a simple dress underneath or a cute yoga outfit. Flowing and relaxed fit is comfy and elegant.
Wear it as your Special Ceremony Attire or a simple chiffon lounge wear.

3. Mens Caftan


Beautiful hand block printed 100% cotton caftan.
Kaplan in Turkish (from “Kablan”) means: Tiger, and is referred to the one with an indomitable courage and spirit.

4. Poncho Cape with Indigenous Tribal Embroidery 

We created this piece from a 100% wool using handmade embroidery from Kuna tribe women. This tradition is many years old and we are honored to incorporate this into our pieces!

5. Brown Fedora hat

Designed by our friends from San Miguel, Mexico - these hats have an incredible quality and chic look.                                                                                                 It is made of vegan leather and a “buck” treatment that is applied to the outer part of the leather, called the flower. It is polished and acquires the velvety appearance. It is a very soft leather to the touch and thanks to the polish it becomes more breathable and withstands water better.

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