8 Ways You Can Practice Green Fashion

8 Ways You Can Practice Green Fashion

Green represents the nature and natural habitat, and it has a calming effect

Anya Hindmarch, designer, once said "I am not a plastic bag” initiative: “I would define the ideal as locally sourced materials that don’t pollute in their creation or
demise (preferably recycled) and with limited transportation to achieve the completed product.

We need to change our mindset when buying clothes. We should say no to disposable fashion made from unsustainable materials, and think about buying clothes that will last you a lifetime. Does not necessarily mean running out of style.

It simply means being more sensitive to what we buy—and making use of what we have.

The following are some ways you can practice Green Fashion

1.Always do your research-First thing's first, do your research. With a lot of research, you will distinguish enviro-conscious and non enviro-conscious.

Ensure the brands you work with are committed to sustainability, being organic, and cruelty-free.

2.Scale down your wardrobe-Find clothes that you can wear year round instead of those that you wear on specific events. Invest in all weathers clothes.


3.Learn to repair your clothes-Don't toss your clothes when they get rip or toned, you can learn how to repair them or even take them to a tailor.

4.Gift- You can always give out or donate clothes as soon as it feels like you're done with them.
Give things away to your friends with the thought that they've got to give it to someone else or donate when they're done with it.

5.Use good detergents-the detergents you use for when washing your clothes determine there longevity.

To keep your expensive clothes or brand use the right detergents to maintain the quality thus helps in budgeting for new ones.

6.DIY-Try to turn old clothes into current fashionable trends, have a tailor shorten a buggy cloth for you for example a hoody into a
cute crop top.

7.Avoid impulse buying-you will end up with so many clothes that you will probably never wear them, and the money used could have been spent on eco friendly clothes.

8.Save water -Don't waste a lot of water while washing clothes, have a good schedule of washing your clothes to reduce wastage.

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