From India with Love

For those who have been following my India journeys (and for those who have no idea what I'm talking about) - I have some awesome news I want to share!

Remember I was mentioning about the Rajasthani wild tribal women I was living with and teaching this year? Right before pandemic?! And the beautiful skirts we were gonna create?...

So we did it! I sent them the fabric, right before the pandemic, and they made 10 beautiful skirts and shipped them to me right when the lockdown started... and somehow the package did make its way to LA and I received my first glorka collection of skirts created by the beautiful tribal women of Rajasthan!

With the help of her brother, Gali, the village girl whom I left in charge of the project, was able to open her bank account (a big deal in Indian village!) and I was able to send her and other women their first remote payment! I can’t believe all the little steps and pieces came together! 

This is such an important milestone for me... and for them... and for the work, we are doing with Ammachilabs ... and I'm so happy and grateful that this project is moving along! India is slowly reopening as well and I have already sent them more fabrics! 

Get this piece today.

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