Got masks?

Got masks?

Got face masks?
We got you.
In time of crisis we are here to support you in protecting your well being.
and as you choose to protect yourself, you protect everyone around you. 
In this times we are all reminded, we are all connected. One person influences all. So, we are here to share our offerings and influence everyone’s wellbeing. 
We have been working daily making cotton washable reusable masks for those in need.
Our masks are great for daily usage and perfect for putting over the medicinal one for extra protection.
We use 100% cotton materials and ship them fast. Your health and wellbeing is important to all of us. Let’s support one another. 
Contact us with any inquiries.We are here to support your needs.
With love and appreciation. •
Glorka team. 

• See our face masks collection here

The beautiful blue mask displayed on the photo can be purchased here

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