Happy New Year: What's New in 2021

Happy New Year: What's New in 2021


We hope you pull out your ceremonial whites and dance through life with friends who fill your soul🕊️⁠⠀
While there may be less dancing and less reason to wear our whites, there is more creativity, more stillness, more gratitude now than ever before🌙⁠⠀
So, as we begin this first full week of a new year, we call upon you, our lovely Glorka community, to find something to celebrate, because this life is a sacred ceremony & should be celebrated every single day💫⁠⠀

We have amazing winter items to keep you warm and cozy this winter season!

1. Ponchos

This is a winter staple piece for your wardrobe. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes suited to your unique taste.

Red Totem/Winter Poncho

Red Totem | Winter Poncho by Glorka


We're calling it the classic pick and go piece; the shawl is a versatile item that can be styled in different ways to re-create multiple looks.

Glorka Purity | Long Shawl

⁠Pure White Shawl by Glorka


A great blend between the length of a robe and the warmth of a poncho, kimonos create a stylish warm feel and look. 

Ayla | Her by Glorka

Glorka | Ayla | Him


A lighter alternative for warmer days, the scarf can be styled as a stylish headwrap, draped across the neck or as a makeshift top!

Lunara | Gray Stone by Glorka

Glorka | Lunara | Amber

5. Face Coverings

We were inspired in the middle of the pandemic to provide something efficient, multi-functional and stylish that could keep us safe! Our #glorka face coverings blend in the features of a mask and scarf to provide you with an all in one piece!

Urban Grey Face Covering by Glorka

Raw+Wild Face Covering by Glorka


Stepping gracefully into the power of a new year💫 So much is to be determined, all we can do is take it in stride. ⁣

Stay safe and have a great year ahead.

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