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Friendship: Rumi's Ode to Shams of Tabris

At dawn a moon appeared from the wavesAnd ascended, gazing down at me. Then,Like a falcon snatching a bird in flight,It snatched me up and flew away.When I looked up I no longer saw myself:Into that moon my body had eased, by graceOf the soul in which I travelled, moon-drivenUntil the secret of God’s revelation halted me.Nine spheres of Heaven had merged in that moon;And the sea washed over the ship of my being,Breaking against me in waves. Again Wisdom’sVoice boomed; as it happens so it occurs. At every foam-fleck of the ocean a figureEmerged and slowly disappeared, just as My foam-flecked body, receiving a sea-sign,Melted within and slowly turned to spirit. Without the regal power of Shams of Tabriz,Holding...

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Glorka and Holistic Lifestyle

 glorka is not just a clothing brand, glorka is the brand with the awareness of the importance of the body movement, healthy spirit, balanced emotions and holistic approach to life. glorka wear is so good for exercising, hiking and camping, dancing and running, and, of course, sitting quiet and spending a few minutes a day contemplating on the important things in life.  Through our clothes we want to encourage you to go on a hike, to do yoga, or dance or martial arts, or simple morning exercise... We want you to educate yourself on what you eat and drink, we want you to spend a few minutes a day in silence.. whether it is a mediation or simple quiet sitting counting breaths... These few minutes a day...

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