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looking for metaphysical styles?

Meditation relaxes the mind and gets rid of the jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. So now you started meditation, now you are looking for cute and comfortable clothing while you're going on this journey.  Our brand focuses on handmade ethical clothes promoting holistic life and freedom culture. High frequency wear for tribe gatherings, ceremony, yogic practice and more! Here are some images of us! All items are handmade and ethically sourced!  

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Our 5 picks for this Spring Season

As Spring approaches, we are leaving our houses and going out to enjoy the Spring weather. Here are our 5 pieces to incorporate into your Spring wardrobe! 1. White Shawl Ritual Robe     Soft and gentle beautiful white shawl will serve you as a wonderful ritual robe or kimono. It is handmade from an upcycled pure white cotton knits fabric. 2. Chiffon Blue dress This beautiful chiffon open caftan is a wonderful coverup for a simple dress underneath or a cute yoga outfit. Flowing and relaxed fit is comfy and elegant. Wear it as your Special Ceremony Attire or a simple chiffon lounge wear. 3. Mens Caftan . Beautiful hand block printed 100% cotton caftan. Kaplan in Turkish (from...

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Welcome to our new store!! ❤️

Wow! It Happened! We are SO excited to announce that we are expanding! We just opened up a brand new Glorka shop on Playa Venao in Panama and a beautiful new partnership with an amazing @elsitioplayavenao community! 🌊🌴🙏🏻 What a blessing it is! The new Glorka shop is located on the bottom of a Lighthouse with a view that overlooks the beautiful ocean and the beach.  Isn't that just amazing? Playa Venao is a growing community of creatives, digital nomads, surfers and simply wonderful people.  It is such an honor to offer Glorka wear to the people of Venao and their guests.  We invite you to spend time with us any time you are in Panama! 💃🏻Let's have a conversation over a cup of...

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