The Story Of One Name...

glorka harem pants the story of the name

"You would ask: Why "glorka"? Where is this word coming from? Is it a last name? Is it a first name? Does it really mean anything? 

And this is where this story comes in....  

I was born and raised in Russia, and I started learning English there, since I was 7...

I had a wonderful teacher who at that time suggested that all students during her classes should have an English version of their names or any name of English origin. 

I was 7 years old and I was not really aware of many English names, so my teacher offered me to be Gloria. 

That's how it all started... She was teaching us for 10 years and throughout this time name Gloria became a part of my identity. 

In many countries people like to shorten friends' names. In Russia we usually use suffix is "ka": Elena - Lenka, Tatiana - Tanka, Sascha - Sashka... So my friends instead of Gloria started calling me Glorka. 

Then I came to United States.  Even before the brand was born, I shared this story with one of my New York friends. He loved it so much that he decided to buy me a domain name, and said: "If you ever want to have your own website, I think it should be it!"

And he was right! A few years later, when I decided to create my own clothing brand, I thought: "Well, since I already have a website address - I'll just call the brand "glorka"! It has a wonderful story behind it... ;)"

- Zhenya Glorka. Founder of glorka brand




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