International Shipping

Please be advised: 

"USPS First Class International" shipping method does NOT always allow tracking of the shipment once it leaves United States. 

We won't be able to track the package down in case it's delayed, once it leaves United States... If you choose this method of shipment - it becomes your responsibility to contact your local postal office or customs department to locate the package and pay any necessary customs dues... 

(We would gladly do it for you, but unfortunatelly we don't have access to your country's customs and local post offices)

Sometimes packages get delivered to customs at your local postal office and the package is waiting for you to be picked up. Different countries dues and customs differ. Please do your research first if it is your first time ordering from United States.  

If you choose USPS-PRIORITY International, UPS, FedEx or DHL - we WILL be able to track the package all the way to your door!

Please choose your shipping method wisely. If in doubt - contact us at any time! 


glorka team