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La Tierra Bella | One of the kind Poncho

La Tierra Bella | One of the kind Poncho

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Gorgeous ethnic poncho handmade from 100% cotton from India and a 100% cotton threaded embroidery handwoven by the indigenous women of Kuna Yala, Panama.

This is a special piece to us. It is a part of the collection "Kuna" - a collection of ponchos, robes and dresses we hand-stitched together with the tribal women from Kuna Yala in a limited edition.
We only created a few pieces, and all of them are one of the kind.

We visited Panama and spent some time with the Kuna tribe families, where women have been hand-stitching incredibly intricate Mola embroideries for hundreds of years. This tradition is very old and the process is very slow, and we are just fascinated by this ancient art of mola-making and honored to co-create designs together with Kuna tribe.

With this collection we want to support the local women and their art and we hope to create more pieces like this.

We are bringing just a few handmade creations from Panama to the US and happy to share them with you.

They are all one size fits all. Sides are open - so you can wear them as long elegant ponchos or ritual robes.

We hope it will serve you as a beautiful intentional attire for your gatherings, personal practice, ceremony journeys, music, dance or simple comfort of life.

Material: 100% Indian cotton combined with 100% cotton hand-stitched mola embroideries.

Size: One size

Overall Length: 48 in.

Overall Width: 44 in.


Handwash with cold water/ separately or dry clean ONLY please. (We want these garments to last long and bring you joy in years to come).

*glorka is cruelty-free & sweat-shop free, ethical planet-loving production.

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