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Middle Way | Ivory Top | Her

Middle Way | Ivory Top | Her

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Urban Zen style unisex top with the sleeves and a middle line.  Inspired by Tibetan monks and buddhist practices.

According to the Tao Te Ching book and the teachings of Lao Tzu - the Sage doesn’t go to the extremes and always walks the Middle Way… Not too much of liking, not too much of disliking… The Sage stays centered. She stays equanimous.

The middle line in the front of the top serves as a reminder to us all to stay in balance and walk the Middle Way

 The top is very comfy and can be worn as a casual top, yoga shirt or a Ceremony attire. 

Made from upcycled fabric. Eco-friendly piece.

Materials: cotton slab. Ivory. 

Fabric for this pair was bought in Fashion District in LA and the pant was handmade in one of our Manhattan studios in NYC.

Length: 36 inches

Width stretches 24-30 inches (from side to side measured laying flat)

Model's height is 5’9 (175 cm)

We hand-make all garments with love and care and we want them to bring you joy as long as possible! This is why we always recommend hand washing and drying flat to preserve the item to last longer.
Please avoid hot dryers!

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